Antique Apothecary Chest

Apothecary chest dating back to the Middle Ages. An apothecary, a medical professional who dispenses drugs would use the chests to store ingredients and medicines in these chests. Today, reproductions of apothecary chest can be used at home and storage pieces. You can buy a variety of styles of apothecary chests, but can become very […]

hemnes dresser 3 drawer

  With a lot of storage space, a perfect height for our back does not suffer, fun and pretty cheap. Everything from the comfortable Hens of IKEA. A first idea I had was to buy Malmo comfortable as I had seen on the internet how many moms had adapted this model to function drawer changer. […]

baseboard molding and quarter round

There are many styles and sizes of baseboard molding. Many homeowners are choosing a motherboard of your home is as difficult as selecting a paint color. The style and details of your home can give you clues about the type of sockets that will enhance your beauty. However, even after examining the style of your […]


After the cupboards and cover the sink is an important element in the kitchen for cleaning and food preparation. Hence the importance of making a good choice in terms of material and design. It is common that the sink is exposed to shocks, scratches, gouges and extreme temperatures, situations that inevitably leave visible traces, why […]

Blow Dryer Holder Image

The blow dryer holder allows you to safely store your dryer when not in use. Most of the owners of blow dryers are made of metal, plastic or wood. If the holder is rather boring to watch, and does little to enhance the overall look of the room, consider customization. For most, adding a personal […]

Amazing Cement Pavers Ideas

Cement pavers can serve purely utilitarian, such as the creation of a walkway through a garden, marking a path through a lawn or a heavy container support functions flower. They can also be decorative additions to your lawn or garden. Embellish homemade cobblestones before the cement to dry by adding objects, pictures or use templates […]

Awesome Cedar Pergola

Cedar pergola – Pergolas are aesthetic elements in the courtyards and gardens. Cedar arbors are common because cedar structures outdoors are attractive and have a long life. However, pressure-treated wood is also an option because it is durable against putrefaction damage if held on a regular basis. Cedar deters insects naturally and fungi growth patterns […]

bocce ball court area

If you are considering construction of bocce ball court area in your garden, you must first choose a location: For starters it takes some space, traditionally 15 m × 4 m. Also predict that you will probably like to have a nearby table, benches or chairs. Choose as flat ground as possible, to facilitate its […]

Solariums Granite the Best big

Many people would agree that it is nothing more spick and span in the kitchen cabinets white. Although different styles wood grain door and go out of style, the white cabinets are long among the most used in – Solariums Granite the Best homes.   Beauty various types of granite combine well with lockers to […]

clean terrazzo floors

Today I leave very practical advice to clean terrazzo floors. This wonderful flat is quite grateful, but like everything else, we must take care so that it is bright and wonderful. If you want a small idea of ​​how you can clean your surfaces terrazzo, I propose mixing detergent and water. But besides dirt and […]